Friday, June 10, 2011

Tea with Tiffany - White Chocolate Cranberry Tea

More delicious-ness coming your way
As an avid tea-drinker, I usually find myself drawn to full-bodied and hearty black teas. But as the summer months begin to take hold, it's always nice to come across a tea suited to the longer days and warmer temperatures. On that note, this newest Tea with Tiffany takes a look at another tea from The NecessiTeas called White Chocolate Cranberry.

You might think from the name of this tea that it would be one you'd see around the winter months, where rich flavors are a perfect accompaniment to the cold weather. might be, if it were a black tea. 

The NecessiTeas takes it one step further, though, by combining the flavors of cranberry and white chocolate with a green tea. It's a perfect balance between creamy and delicate and sure to get your taste-buds dancing. At least it would if taste-buds could dance ;) Enjoy the video and feel free to check out The NecessiTeas website for more upcoming summer month flavors.