"It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single girl in possession of good humor must be in want of adventure." -Pride and Prejudice (sort of)

So you might be wondering, why host a blog named after Jane Austen? 

If it wasn't obvious, I’m an Austenite through and through—which is just a polite way of saying obsessed. Jane first offered me guidance within the pages of Pride and Prejudice as an awkward teenager in middle school—her sarcastic descriptions and brilliant use of satire were a balm to my 14-year-old, born-in-the-wrong-time-period heart. Not to mention, Mr. Darcy just plain ruined me for other boys my age. Throw in a mutual dependency on tea, and I was a goner by age 15.

Through every adventure, stumble, and questionable moment since then, Jane’s dry sense of humor has been my “go-to” for navigating the 21st century. You will thus find that it is this use of satire and wit which most influences the content of What Would Jane Do.

Jane Austen's novels critically examine human interaction and behavior, and it's this timeless relevance that makes her an ideal guide for modern and independent women everywhere. 

That being said, I do not claim to be any sort of expert.  The advice and tips I share with you are founded more on my experiences and passions, rather than any claim to fame. You might disagree with what I have to say and that’s perfectly acceptable—encouraged even. I’m always looking for a bodice-ripping, good debate.

I hope this blog may serve you as a unique resource of information; and if I’m lucky it will also provide you with a source of entertainment (I’m not Jane, though, and can’t make any promises). 

Topics Covered by What Would Jane Do:
  • College/post-grad advice, particularly as it pertains to women
  • Study abroad & international exchange opportunities – for alumni & prospective students!
  • Public relations/marketing/social media strategizing
  • Tea reviews & recommendations
  • And anything else that may come to mind...

Have questions or interested in contributing a guest post? Email me directly at: tharrison(AT)wwjanedo(DOT)com