Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tea with Tiffany Update!

Well, where is the tea?

So you may or may not have noticed that there hasn't been any new additions to the Tea with Tiffany video reviews. Obviously, it has been longer than the two to three weeks than I previously mentioned in the introduction. There have been a few reasons for this including the craziness of the holidays, moving cities and generally trying to get my life in order (an ongoing process).

Have no fear, though! The videos will be up and running VERY soon. I will be receiving some samples from Linsey Manning of The NecessiTeas tea company and I'm eager to get sipping. In that same vein, I have another exciting update to share with you all.

I was enjoying a cup of Afternoon Darjeeling at a local tea house the other day when I realized something: why not feature these tea houses on What Would Jane Do? San Francisco has a multitude of fabulous places to enjoy tea and I've steadily been exploring them on a regular basis. It seems natural then to share details of my experiences at these teaholic havens with other tea drinkers out there. 

When it comes to tea...there's never TOO much of a good thing
Thus, I have decided that I will be incorporating featured posts of tea houses in the Tea with Tiffany section of this blog. I have an interview set up tomorrow with the owner of the Leland Tea Company, where I will be taking pictures and chatting about the atmosphere of the tea house. Leland's has quickly become my go-to neighborhood place where I can catch up on work or enjoy a book over a steaming pot of tea. A girl in the city couldn't ask for more. I'll save the rest of the details on Leland's for it's featured post next week. 

Now I realize many of you may not be located in the San Francisco area, but if you ever do come to visit, I hope my reviews may guide you along your tea-driven path. If you have any suggestions for places you would like to see featured or reviewed, be sure to send me an email or connect with me via Twitter