Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A New Year for Old Resolutions

I love the holidays, but I'm not always a fan of how they throw my routine off balance (aka making it difficult to find ANY time for a blog post). That being said, I love the fresh start that the New Year provides and the motivation it inspires to accomplish your goals--both new and old.

When I say old, I'm not referring to the completely-out-of-date-gathering-dust-in-a-corner resolutions that come and go every year (aka that gym membership you REALLY will use this time). Instead I aim to point out that yearlong, ongoing resolutions are just as essential as setting new goals. 

More often than not, the most important things in life usually take longer than a year to fully accomplish.

Staying true to who you are; Believing that you do make a difference; having the courage to take a leap into a future you're not entirely sure of; whatever it may be, these are the sort of the things that we strive to accomplish every day of our lives. 

As you set forth all your new goals, keep in mind that some are meant to last a lifetime.

To be honest, the idea that ongoing, "old" resolutions were significant didn't truly occur to me until a friend asked me point blank: "what are your New Year's resolutions this year?" I froze and racked and my brain for an answer. Save money? Travel more? Was there anything new I could think of that would make it seem like I hadn't just decided on it as if it were a last-ditch effort on a multiple choice test? Nope. Not really. 

I ended up just telling my friend the truth--I'm a terrible liar and I knew she would understand anyways. I didn't have a new New Year's resolution. There are obviously things I want to accomplish, but are they anything "new?" Isn't that stipulated in the whole idea of New Year's? If my resolutions weren't new, did that make me a failure? The questions seemed to keep piling up the more I tried to answer them.

With a bit of reflection--not to mention my appreciation for all things old and historical--I came to the conclusion that no, it didn't make me a failure not to have a brand new set of resolutions. Just because 2010 had suddenly become "the past" didn't mean I had to hit the restart button. Sure, there are things I'd like to see accomplished sooner than others, but many of my goals are the same now in 2011 as they were on New Year's Eve. Always have a sense of humor, treat every moment like it's my last and never give up on my dreams--these are things I've resolved to do for many years and every year that passes signals a bit more progress. Not bad for 22 years of living, I'd say.  

Vintage phones, clocks....resolutions? Yes, please.
At the same time, it is important to keep setting new goals for yourself. I don't want to present the argument that you shouldn't aspire towards new resolutions. You may find that these resolutions and goals make themselves known nowhere near the New Year, which is usually the way life goes. As soon as you stop searching so hard, what you're looking for will find you instead. 

The friend I mentioned earlier is always telling me that everything happens for a reason. And I've learned that she's right--when something is meant to happen, it will (with a little hard work on your part, of course ;). It makes no difference when these resolutions present themselves--what really matters is how you choose to embrace them.

In case you haven't figured it out, vintage is totally in style these days. If used clothing can be trendy, then surely old resolutions can be. Just be sure to keep them towards the front of your "closet" and they'll get more wear that way. How you choose to accessorize them....well, that part is entirely up to you ;)