Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tea with Tiffany - Grey's Kelly Tea Review

Delicate lavender packs a punch with flavor
During my time in San Francisco, there were many places I came to love. When it came to enjoying a pot of tea and a scone smothered in Devonshire cream, there was no place quite like the Leland Tea Company. If you don't recall the post I wrote about Leland's awhile back, you can find it here. It will give a more detailed description about why I loved being a regular at this neighborhood spot on Polk Street.

As often as I could be found at Leland's, it only made sense to incorporate their teas into the Tea with Tiffany videos. That being said, this review will take a look at the Grey's Kelly Black Tea, an Earl Grey tea with hints of Lavender. It's suiting that this tea creates a play on words of the famous Grace Kelly herself. Just like the classic and graceful actress, Grey's Kelly is a combination of flavors that is both soothing and irresistible. 

Enjoy the video review below and be sure to check out the Leland Tea Company site for more delicious flavors or to order your own custom blend!