Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tuesday Travel Inspiration: Optimism

I was reading a beautiful post a friend of mine recently wrote about "flopping" through life and it got me thinking. First, of what an amazing writer she is, and second: how true it is that everyday represents another chance to pick ourselves up off the ground, and try again. Flop. I just love that word.

This #TravelTuesday, I'm giving a moment to the optimism the keeps us dreaming, keeps pushing us forward, and keeps us smiling when all we really feel like doing is crying in the shower. There have been many times I've called myself a fatal optimist, but I'd like to think it has more positive connotations than not. As important as it is process pain and negativity, it's even more important to find a silver lining; reminding ourselves that even if we didn't get what we wanted, what we need is just around the corner.

The more I see and learn of the world, the more I believe this to be true. I've barely taken a bite out of what there is to experience, but from what I've tasted so far there is one lesson that stands out from the rest:

Things go wrong. Even when you plan them out so well there's no room for error, things will still go topsy turvy.

Some may be harder to overcome than others. Some may knock us down so hard it's difficult to imagine getting back up again. But so we must. As my friend so eloquently said, "Never underestimate the power of another chance – another moment to turn things around…remember that everyday we’re still breathing is another chance to get up off the proverbial bathroom floor and try again."

This is why holding on to your optimism -- to your appetite for life -- is what makes life so rewarding. It's what helps us to appreciate the raw beauty in a new culture, city, or country we visit; it's what makes me catch my breath when the wheels of the plane leave the ground, no matter how many flights I take; and most of all, it's what helps us to remember to smile and put one foot in front of the other in our darkest moments. 

However you choose to imagine it, a sense of optimism can help you to better appreciate the complexities of life, in all the forms they manifest themselves. 

The happiness and joy in the simple things that await you along this path is one I couldn't even begin to describe. That might just be the best part, though. If life was always easy and clearly laid out, where would all the adventures be?