Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tuesday Travel Inspiration: Friends

As much as a journey is defined by the places you go, so is it affected by those you meet along the way.

Whether you're on the go, settling in at home, or somewhere in between, there are often those in your life who "just get it" - whatever the "it" may be. You might call them friends, but that term can be SUCH an understatement - these are the people who love you for being a weirdo, who will tell you your hair looks like crap when it does look like crap, and will have your back through thick and thin. Can you imagine what life would be like without these individuals? Neither can I.

That being said, today's inspiration for #TravelTuesday is for all those who've left an impression on your life and travels.

There are some friendships that have lasted longer than others. Perhaps there are some that burned bright for but a moment, before fading into the past. As you start your day, I encourage you to take a moment and reflect on them. Yes, even with the connections that went sour along the way. Because no matter what the present might be like, these are the people who have helped make you who are, leaving an impact like only a friend can.

Struggling to stay in touch with some of these individuals? Don't be so hard on yourself - you're human and it happens. What really matters is making the most of those moments of connection when they do happen. Quality over quantity, right? That's one the beautiful things that meaningful travel can teach you. Maybe you don't get to see your friends you made while studying abroad as often as you'd like (I'm with you there) due to long distance and different life paths, but relationships forged during life changing experiences have a way of sticking with you. A postcard or a phone call once in a while also doesn't hurt and I guarantee you that your friends will appreciate the gesture. 

Stirling, Scotland with two of the best ladies I know
The point here is that your travels and life experiences wouldn't have nearly as much meaning without those you've met along the way

To be honest, I'm not sure there would be any meaning at all. Be you an introvert or extrovert, we're creatures that crave connection - and why shouldn't we? It gives purpose and complexity to life. It puts a smile on our faces and an extra spring in our step. For these reasons and more, we owe more than just our thanks to our friends - we owe them the same depth of affection they've given to us. 

Try it once in awhile, I dare ya. You just might find the rewards to be immeasurable and lifelong.