Monday, May 6, 2013

Annual NAFSA Conference & Expo - Meme Interpretation

I'm going to preface this post with the note that I'm in the thick of NAFSA planning, TBEX planning, GoAbroad Innovation Awards prep, and getting over a nasty bit of a cold bug. It's safe to say that these factors combined have made me more than a bit loopy of late. (Not that that is anything out of the ordinary.)

Perhaps that's why I spent my Sunday night putting the following meme together after preparing for all that comes with a pre-NAFSA-Monday-in-the-office. Those of you in international education will know exactly what I mean ;)

In preparing for the 2013 NAFSA conference, there has been much excitement in the air at the GoAbroad offices. From getting ready to meet new people and old friends, to celebrating innovation and new programs, the Annual NAFSA Conference & Expo is like prom for international educators. We may not wear ballgowns, and are apt to choose Dr. Scholl's inserts over platform heels, but celebrating international education with thousands of delegates from around the world is part of what makes our world go round. 

We all know, though, that the pre-, during and post- NAFSA experiences can also be overwhelmingly stressful. My advice to you: don't let it get the best of you! There are so many awesome things to experience at NAFSA, that it isn't worth letting the stress ruin those moments. Easier said than done, I know. This is where a bit of humor comes in to save the day.

Please keep in mind that this meme is made in jest and good fun. When your stress levels are high, and your Google calendar is looking like it's going to explode out of your computer, any sort of lighthearted humor is necessary to get through the day. I mean, am I right, or am I right? 

For all you NAFSA-ians out there, enjoy. I also suggest stocking up on green tea, comfy shoes, and expectations of many 12 to 15 hour days ahead at the end of the month. Be seeing all yo' faces soon! Happy travels!

Shameless promotion ahead: if you're a social media enthusiast who will be at NAFSA, consider showing up for the #TweetIEs to earn prizes and connect with other social media gurus in the international education field.