Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday Travel Inspiration: Home

It's another mildly-snowy day here in Northern Colorado and I'm getting that itchy-feet feeling I usually associate with travel. Perhaps it's because this weather reminds so much my time spent in Scotland; or perhaps it's simply a side effect of living with the travel bug. Either way, it helps to have images that on hand that satisfy my travel cravings for the time being. 

The photo I'm sharing below is one I captured while en route from one place to another, accompanied by one of my favorite travel quotes. It's a saying I've come back to again and again throughout my life, especially as I've traveled more. There really is no place like home, but at the same time, I consider every place I visit to be a sort of home. It's this mindset that has granted me with the memories I hold and look back upon. Don't you owe it yourself to experience the same?

No matter where you go, or who you meet, or what adventures you have, there is always something to appreciate. I hope this helps to inspire your inner traveler as much as it does mine :) Happy travels!

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