Friday, June 21, 2013

Online Embarrassment: What Sisters Were Made For

Sisters reunited for Cassie's HS graduation day
I have a significant amount of catch up to play with all the ongoings in the last month - NAFSA, TBEX, adventures with my GoAbroad name it, the list goes on and on. Before I get to that, though, I wanted to take a moment for one particular event that occurred a couple of weeks ago - my youngest sister's high school graduation.

As many of you know (or may now only be learning) I am the oldest of four girls in my family, which signifies a few different things: first, the word 'bossy' is something I'm very familiar being accused of; second, the nickname of "Mom #2" is used as often as the bossy accusation; and third, there's nothing in the world like watching your younger siblings take on the world like champions. 

With sisters like mine, there is no doubt in mind that they are the rockstars of their own journeys, and my own personal superheros. Because let's be honest - there is no one who can save the day quite like a sister can.

That being said, it is also extremely enjoyable as the eldest sibling to continually seek new ways to publicly feature my siblings - and if I'm lucky, there may be some embarrassment involved. This is what brings me to the video that I created for my youngest sister on her high school graduation day. 

Yes, there is a lot of silliness and inside jokes involved with this, and yes there mayyyyyyyy be a few inappropriate jokes/language use. You have been warned. At it's core, though, this is my way of saying congratulations, I love you, and best of luck to a baby sister who has worked SO hard to get to where she's at today. Living a few states away the last two years meant watching from afar as she transformed from a little girl to a gorgeous and talented young woman, but it never once lessened the impact. Rather, it's made me appreciate even more the family I get to call my own.     

To those who have already enjoyed viewing this video, enjoy it once again. To all you newbies, "Hairballs" is a nickname given to my family (the Harrisons). That in itself should give you an idea of how ridiculous we are ;)      

And to Miss Cassie Sue - you already know how proud I am of you. Thanks to you, Courtney, and Samantha, you make being called a big sister the best compliment in the world.